How do I get a bodyguard in wow?

How do I get a bodyguard in wow?

To Get Your Bodyguard to follow you:

  1. Assign a follower with the bodyguard trait to the barracks from the architect table in the Townhall.
  2. They will appear outside the Barracks.
  3. Go to that follower and ask them to assist you in Draenor. (The Phrase is: “I could use a little muscle”)

How do I get a bodyguard at BFA?

You must have a level 2 or better Barracks large building in your garrison. Using your garrison architect table select the Barracks and click the follower slot to get a list of your active followers who have the bodyguard trait. Assign one to the barracks.

How can I get Nazjatar bodyguard?

In order to unlock the Bodyguard system, you need to complete the intro questline to Nazjatar and befriend the locals for your faction — Ankoan / Unshackled.

Where do I turn in Fathom ray wing?

Turn in the quest where you got your companion in Nazjatar (blue questionmark) – 50.2/64.9 for horde. It gives a small amount of gold, 250 reputation and 50 xp for your companion.

How do you get the Kelpstalker Snapdragon?

This purple-black snapdragon mount is the reward for raising your Nazjatar bodyguard Hunter Akana to rank 20, and completing the quest Wild Tame. Earning this mount will also award you the Snapdragon Kelpstalker for your Horde characters.

How do you get Deepcoral Snapdragon?

Obtained this mount after leveling my bodyguard Hunter Akana in Nazjatar to level 20. Upon leveling to 20, he will offer a quest to reward the mount. This also unlocked Snapdragon Kelpstalker on the Horde side.

How do you get Crimson Tidestallion?

Comment by Sipder2

  1. Find Mrrl /way 48,2, 45,2.
  2. Complete A Safer Place or A Safer Place and No Backs.
  3. Get Azsh’ari Stormsurger Cape.
  4. Complete Murloco event to get Hungry Herald’s Tentacle Taco.
  5. Check all days if Mrrl sell Crimson Tidestallion (only spawns for 2-4 days in a month).

How do you do the wild tame quest?

You get this quest from Hunter Akana after reaching level 20 with him. Thanks to user Fatcatisback for posting this information on the mount page. You also get the horde version as well.

How do you get the Kelpstalker snapdragon?

How do you get hungry Herald’s Taco?

Purchased from Murloco’s Hideaway cave at 46.22 32.57 in Nazjatar. Kill the 2 Naga guards to release Murloco who will sell it for 666g.

How do you spawn Murloco?

When he spawns he’s initially locked in a cage. You must kill his naga guards, then several subsequent waves of naga forces, after which he’s released and can be interacted with. He’ll run away approximately 5 minutes later, so be quick in buying what you need!