How do I factory reset my Kindle D01100?

How do I factory reset my Kindle D01100?

Locate your Kindle’s “Reset” button. Stick your paperclip, needle or toothpick into the tiny hole and press the button. Hold the “Reset” button until your Kindle powers down. The Kindle’s screen will then flash several times before the device is restored to its factory settings.

How do I reset an old Kindle?

You can restart your Kindle at any time by pressing and holding its power button for 40 seconds. You may need to restart your Kindle if it freezes or stops responding to get it back in working order.

How do I reset my Kindle to factory settings?

1. While your Kindle Fire is powered down, press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time until a system recovery screen appears. 2. Use your volume buttons to select “wipe data/factory reset” and then press the Power button to confirm the action.

What do you do if your Kindle won’t reset?

Slide and hold the power switch until the light blinks. Release it and wait a couple seconds. Then do the same thing again. Your Kindle should reboot.

Can you change Kindle email address?

Customize your Kindle email address, used with the Kindle Personal Document Service, to make it more secure. Go to Manage Your Content and Devices. To change this email address select Edit next to your device, enter a new email address, and then select Save to save your changes.

Can you give your old Kindle to someone else?

You can do this on the Amazon website, under ‘manage your content and devices’. Pick Deregister for that device. Or, under Home->Menu->Settings->My Account->Deregister Device on the device. Give it to the new owner, and let them register it on their account.

Can you wipe a Kindle?

Once you’re ready, head to the Kindle home screen and tap the Settings icon (three dots) in the upper-right corner. Select Reset Device to begin the process to factory reset your Kindle. You’ll see a box appear warning you that your account and all user data will be erased. Select Yes to confirm and reset your Kindle.

How do I reset my Kindle password without losing data?

How to Factory Reset your Kindle Fire

  1. Press the “Power” button to wake up your Kindle Fire; this will prompt you to input your password.
  2. After four incomplete password attempts, you will receive a message asking you if you would like to reset your Kindle Fire to factory settings.
  3. Tap “OK” to reset the device.