How do I cancel LA Casting?

How do I cancel LA Casting?

For more information on your Subscription Membership and to cancel your Membership or other account at any point during your subscription term or otherwise, you can email us at [email protected]

How do I contact casting frontier?

Just give us a call at 323.300. 6129 or email at [email protected] with your question and we will answer it promptly.

Who owns LA Casting?

Casting Networks, LA Casting’s parent company, also owns NY Casting and SF Casting. To post a photograph for the New York or San Francisco markets costs $15 per photo or $5 a month to post unlimited photos.

Is casting network legit?

Casting Networks is one of the best casting websites available right now, but it’s important to note that it was designed to cater primarily to casting directors and the companies that employ them. If you have the budget, Casting Networks is worth a try.

Is casting networks free if you have an agent?

Or do I have to pay to have a profile on Casting Networks? For talent represented by an agent or manager, there is no cost to create a profile on Casting Networks.

Is LA casting the same as casting networks?

Cast It and Casting Networks have now merged. Casting Networks, known to Los Angeles actors as LA Casting, is a platform previously used to send out breakdowns for commercial projects to agents and managers, and a place where actors had profiles to commercially market themselves.

Is Casting Frontier free with an agent?

Casting Frontier has the most advanced recording, editing and uploading solutions in the industry – always free for casting directors and content creators. For more information contact Casting Support at 323.300. 6129.

Is Casting Frontier legit?

Joey Centofanti recommends Casting Frontier. It is a reputable casting agency that was recommended by agent at Third from the Right here in Tucson.

Do agents use Actors Access?

The truth is most working actors don’t use Actors Access at all. When they do, it’s only to put up their photos and other materials. Working actors don’t use it for submissions or for any other features that the platform provides. Every agent and manager will tell actors to stay away from submitting on Actors Access.

Does your agent pay for casting networks?

For talent represented by an agent or manager, there is no cost to create a profile on Casting Networks.