How can I decorate my stairway?

How can I decorate my stairway?

From staircase ideas that include structural elements, such as paneling, to simple tricks like hanging artwork, these are our favorites.

  1. Create a vignette.
  2. Make a display.
  3. Make staircase walls surprising.
  4. Select a statement wallpaper.
  5. Use paneling for staircase walls.
  6. Multiply the view.
  7. Be bold with artwork.

What to put on the wall at the bottom of the stairs?

How to Decorate a Large Wall at the Bottom of Stairs

  1. Tile or Natural Stone. Tile and natural stone are commonly available materials any do-it-yourselfer can purchase to cover a variety of surfaces, including walls.
  2. Tapestry. Tapestries have been used for thousands of years.
  3. Mural.
  4. Other Natural Elements.

How do you decorate a dark stairwell?

Emile: The best way to create the feeling of light and space is to use contrasting colours. Use two colours – a lighter colour on the walls and choose darker coloured woodwork. Using greater amounts of the pale shade and less of the dark will make the space feel bigger and more airy.

What do you put on top of a staircase?

Quality lighting is necessary for keeping the space bright, open and inviting, whether it comes from natural or installed light sources, or both. Incorporate a statement piece central to the area at the top of the stairs, whether it’s a beautiful chair, a large piece of artwork or a specialty display on a bookshelf.

Is it OK to put mirror facing the stairs?

It is not OK to put a mirror in front of the stairs. It is considered as bad luck and can double the unsettling energy of the staircase. While a lot of homes can benefit from mirrors, there are some areas of the house where they should not be placed and this includes in front of the stairs.

How do you brighten up a stairwell?

Hallways and staircases can be difficult areas to address, especially if they are narrow, awkwardly shaped or lacking in natural light….

  1. Colour.
  2. Flooring.
  3. Mirrors and artwork.
  4. Lighting.
  5. Stair runners.
  6. Glass stair panels.
  7. Glass front door.
  8. Accessories.

How do you lighten a dark stairwell?

10 Design Tips to Brighten a Dark Hallway

  1. Try a mirror.
  2. Add glass upfront.
  3. Brighten the balustrade.
  4. Or go transparent.
  5. Look up.
  6. Steal light from the side.
  7. Borrow light from an adjacent room.
  8. Go Nordic.

How do you brighten up stairs?