How big are GeminiJets?

How big are GeminiJets?

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Toy vehicle form Airplane
Brand GeminiJets
Material Metal
Theme Airplane
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3.85 x 3.34 x 1.22 inches

How much are GeminiJets?


Item Number Airline/Aircraft Price
GJ1777 Allegiant MD-80 $39.95
GJ2000 Alliance ERJ-190 Air Force Centenary 2021 $38.95
GJ1832 Alliance F-100 $36.95
GJ1973 American 737-800 Astrojet $45.95

Who owns GeminiJets?

Airliners Distributing Inc.
While GeminiJets and its parent company, Airliners Distributing Inc. are headquartered in Las Vegas, their products are manufactured in China, the release said. The company typically releases a new batch of GeminiJets precision, die cast aircraft models every five weeks.

Where is GeminiJets located?

Las Vegas, Nevada
GeminiJets is a diecast model airplane manufacturer based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and was founded in December of 1998 by Elliott Epstein. Gemini’s first model was a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400. The product line is named “GeminiJets”, but Airliners Distributing Inc.

Do GeminiJets come with stand?

GeminiJets include stand for their models from small, narrow and wide body models.

Are GeminiJets good?

If you’re looking for a good, quality model that closely resembles the actual aircraft, then Gemini is an excellent choice.

Are GeminiJets collectible?

Our models are highly collectible and are all limited editions. As with all limited edition collectibles, it is our policy not to reissue models which have previously sold out.

Do GeminiJets wheels roll?

Q: Do the wheels roll? All Gemini Jets wheels roll.