Does Listo have a feminine form?

Does Listo have a feminine form?

Listo is masculine, use it when talking to a male. Lista is feminine, use it when talking to a female.

Is Listo plural or singular?


number feminine masculine
plural listas listos
singular lista listo

What is Listos?

Listos is a culturally appropriate Spanish language curriculum that uses the strengths and bonds within the Latino community to educate and prepare its members for emergencies or disasters. The program can be adapted to teach diverse vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, children, differently abled people, etc.

Does Lista mean smart?

6 Answers. Ser listo ( masculine ) lista ( feminine ) = be clever / smart.

Does Listo mean alright?

The word listo literally means “ready,” but is also used in Colombia to say “okay!”

How do you use listo?

Listo is an adjective in Spanish. When used with the verb ser it means smart, as in a smart person. For example, Juan es listo means that Juan’s a smart person. Remember: ser is about characteristics.

What does Listo mean in Tagalog?

Definition of listo: listo is an alternate spelling of the Tagalog word alisto. Base word: alisto. [adjective] alert; quick; nimble.

Why do Colombians say listo?

What does Tonto mean in English?

Noting that tonto in Spanish means “stupid” or “crazy,” some people have pointed out that kemosabe sounds a lot like the Spanish phrase quien no sabe, “he who doesn’t understand.” (In Spanish-language versions of The Lone Ranger, Tonto is called Toro, Spanish for bull.)

How do you say I’m sorry in Colombia?

1) “Lo siento,” – said in a low tone, accompanied by a wide mouth grimace and a look of fear. Literal meaning: I’m sorry/I regret it.

How do you say dude in Colombia?

Man / Vieja The English word “man”, but pronounced in a Colombian way, is a widespread label for a “guy” or a “dude”. The term “vieja”, which technically means “old woman”, is, in reality, used to talk about women between the ages of about 15 and 50.