Can you dock a Rorqual?

Can you dock a Rorqual?

Rorquals can dock at any NPC station, any Outpost in Null, and can dock in a Keepstar, a Fortizar, a Tatara, or a Sotiyo.

Can a Rorqual dock in a Astrahus?

C C P Alliance At the moment Rorquals can dock in Astrahus medium citadels, which is a bug. They actually even use the frigate undock port. The intended design is that Rorquals should have the same docking access as normal sized capital ships like the carrier, dread and force aux classes.

Can a Rorqual dock in a athanor?

As Athanor, plus Rorquals. No other Capital Ships can dock.

What stations can a jump freighter dock in?

Supercarriers and Titans can dock in Keepstars only. Rorquals can dock in NPC stations, fortizar, keepstar, sotiyo, or tatara (only for rorquals.) As an exception, Freighters and Jump freighters can dock everywhere and go to highsec.

Can freighters dock in Astrahus?

IIrc, everything that can normally dock in a high sec station (Sub-caps, freighters e.t.c.) can dock in the medium (Astrahus (might be misspelled)), large (Fortizar) is similar to stations outside of high-sec, in that carriers/dreads can dock at them too, whereas the XL (Keepstar) allows everything to dock up.

Can Jump Freighters jump in high sec?

A Jump Freighter can jump FROM any security system and TO any low sec or null sec system in range. You can not jump into high sec.

Which jump freighter is best?

The Ark
The Ark is the most well-rounded jump freighter. It is the second most efficient for cargo hold capacity per fuel per lightyear. The Rhea has the largest cargo hold, but the slowest align time and consumes the most fuel.

How do jump freighters work EVE Online?

Jump freighters are the Tech 2 industrial Freighter ships that use cynosural fields to move between systems, which allows ships to move around the universe in nullsec and lowsec without the use of stargates.

Where do I Dock my rorquals?

Rorquals can dock at any NPC station, any Outpost in Null, and can dock in a Keepstar, a Fortizar, a Tatara, or a Sotiyo. Scourge. This post accurately describes the EvE Online players train of thought for 2018 TYOOL.

What is the rorqual?

The Rorqual was conceived and designed by Outer Ring Excavations in response to a growing need for capital industry platforms with the ability to support and sustain large-scale mining operations in uninhabited areas of space.

Does the rorqual have a drone Bay?

No drone bay. Before the Citadel Expansion the Rorqual was mostly a toy for Mining Forman Links and ore compression in the field. Nowadays it’s a serious weapon for the industrial backbone of major nullsec alliances and also sees use as a PvP ship as well, using its high drone damage and capital tank to good effect.