Are Flowtech headers any good?

Are Flowtech headers any good?

Fit great and are high quality, I have never been let down by Flowtech. I would buy these over 500.00 headers, the quality control is great and the parts that come with them are good also.

Do headers make your car louder?

Car headers do not make your car louder as compared to the stock exhaust manifold. This aftermarket addition is used to improve the performance of your car and give you a cleaner-sounding exhaust. The actual volume of the exhaust won’t change.

What do exhaust headers do?

Headers are one of the easiest bolt-on accessories you can use to improve an engine’s performance. The goal of headers is to make it easier for the engine to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders. In a normal engine, once the exhaust gases exit the cylinder they end up in the exhaust manifold.

Why choose all Flowtech headers?

All Flowtech headers are designed to provide optimum exhaust flow for increased horsepower, torque, fuel economy, and improved throttle response. Leak-tested for maximum performance, they feature the industry’s best welds for durability and are carefully engineered for precise fit.

What is the history of Flowtech exhaust?

About Flowtech. Flowtech Performance Exhaust was founded in 1994, by exhaust market expert Gary Biggs, with the mission of delivering high quality performance exhaust at a great value. The mission was successful and in less than two decades Flowtech became the leader in value priced exhaust systems.

What are headers and exhaust systems?

Headers and exhaust systems were developed for Mustangs, Camaros, and all types of full size trucks – including diesels. The same innovation continues today with the addition of universal X-pipe kits and X-pipe kits with built in cut-outs.

What’s new at Flowtech?

Flowtech Expands Derby Header Lineup! | 2019-11-19. Flowtech upright headers feature CNC mandrel-bent primary tubes that provide consistent tubing diameters for smooth flow of the exhaust pulse and increase the cylinder scavenging of the exhaust to improve engine breathing.