In addition to the commemorative event taking place on 1 July at the Thiepval Memorial, there are also plans in place to mark the 141 day duration of the Battle of the Somme, offering further opportunities to participate and remember those whose lives were touched by the Battle.

141 days: Thiepval

To mark the 141 day duration of the Battle, The Royal British Legion will be hosting a daily service of commemoration at the Thiepval Memorial, from 2 July to 17 November 2016.

Each service will take place at 1150 (local time), providing the opportunity for Regimental Associations, communities and descendants to participate in the commemorations at Thiepval, and to mark a date which might have particular significance to them.

More details about the Legion’s plans, and how you or your organisation can get involved, can be found on the Legion’s 141 days page.

141 days: The Front

The other element of the 141 days programme is being coordinated by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. They are supporting organisations, associations and groups which plan to hold commemorative events at cemeteries or regimental memorials across the Somme Battlefield.

Once identified, the Commission will help to co-ordinate and promote these events, and also provide advice on CWGC cemeteries that may be of interest in the area, or particular dates which groups may wish to mark.

Organisations and associations planning an event during the 141 days period should visit the CWGC’s dedicated webpages for more information.